Sunday, 4 January 2009

Im now three days in to being back on the packs and boy has it been tough.

Ive had mood swings (poor paul) and felt freezing! I also have had a slight headache but thats the carb withdrawl, probably from the Mac Donolds we had last thursday!
After eating that my skin became all itchy and my stomach went hard, its really not good stuff!

Im happy im back on the diet and im almost back into ketosis now (bought the sticks from the chemist). Im also 4 pounds lighter according to my scales, just have to see what the real results are in tomorrow's weigh in.

I'm now moving into developers and hopefully ive just got another 6 weeks to go - AND COUNTING!

I bought loads of slimming magazines and have kept all the heathy recepies to try out once im eating again.

Until tomorrow.. x

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