Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Day 27

Hello and sorry for not writing in what seems like ages.

I'm currently in Egypt on business and its been a crazy few weeks.

So an update, i have now lost 1 stone and 9 pounds. Thats 5 pounds away from 2 stone!

I must admit that im not noticing it very much, the only signs i have is that my watch is very loose and my ring is too big. Im not noticing it in my jeans.
I do notice around my neck and thats about it.

Im finding it a little hard lately, especially being in egypt as i want to eat all the local delicious food and have a nice glass of wine.

I feel like cheating and have contantly been thinking about it but i know i wont as its really not worth it.

My taste buds have changed and i can no longer stomach the mushroom soup or the peanut bars. They are just gross!
I find im contstanly having the banana, strawberry and chocolate shakes and also a veg soup.

I am getting bored with them but i just keep thinking about xmas and how i may have lost 3 stone by then.

I will also allow myself a xmas dinner which is keeping me going.

Oh the price to pay for thin-ness is tough!


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Day 7-12

Woops, havent upated in a while. We moved out the flat this weekend and boy has it been busy! Not had a lay in and been up and down stairs, lifting heavy boxes and sucking up spiders with the hoover!

One good thing is that i would have hopfully done some light excersise!

Finding the diet a little hard now, i miss food so much. I keep getting cravings for curry and pizza. I also crave sausage sandwiches but only on the weekends!
I would give my left arm for a buttery sausage sandwich with heinz ketchup on white uncut bread....hungry? I'AM!!

Im not hungry as such but im hungry for eating something.

I am finding it hard but i have to keep level headed and focus on the end result!

Garlic bread - miss this big time.

When will these food thoughts stop? Mac Donolds - double cheeseburger! Maybe it makes me feel better but writing these thoughts down?! NOPE.

Looking forward to weigh in on Tuesday as i need some motavation.

Im coping well with the soups and shakes but find i dont drinks much water on the weekends as im always on the go. MUST KEEP DRINKING!

Anyhoot, gonna go now as my sis is watching a film and im sure this typing is annoying!

Until tomorrow...x

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

1st week weigh in

Woops, didn't manage to update yesterday as it was a busy day..

I lost another pound so that's 9 pounds in one week. Not bad.

Finding the diet ok and really enjoyed the counciling session. I feel like the programme has really begun.

I can eat a bar a day now which is nice, Its good to be able to chew!
I also bought some summer fruit water flavouring which is a god send! I was getting sick of the plain water!

Signing off now as im watching a good tv programme, catch up with you tomorrow x x

Monday, 6 October 2008

Day 6

Not a bad day today, it's been stressfully busy at work so my mind hasn't really had time to think about food.

Well,apart from at lunchtime. My collegue was cooking some soup and on the side were two bits of whote buttered bread. My mouth started watering and i found myself staring at the bread.
It looked so good.

I'm worried as im only on day 6, how am i going to cope with no food for another 94 days??
Im hoping the weight loss will spur me on further.

I keep having the strangest dreams too. The night before my pop in, i dreamt that i had eaten a mac donolds (chicken burger) and that i couldnt go to the weigh in as i wouldnt be in ketosis. I woke up and actually thought to myself 'did i eat a mac donolds'? WISHFUL THINKING SWEETHEART! It did take me a while to figure it out!

Last night i dreamt that i was climbing a really steep hill and had to grab onto rocks in order to get myself to the top - feels a lot like this diet! Or maybe it was a harsh reminder of the weekend trip to Bristol to see my friend shelley. She made us walk up the steepest hills just to see a bridge. It was fab though!
It was a weird dream but i think it goes to show that i'm struggling with the diet a little.

I really do miss food and i notice it everywhere. I dont feel hungry at all but i miss the textures and flavours the most.

Oh - It's only day 6!

Well onwards and upwards I say.

Day 7 tomorrow - Thats a whole week and another weight in. I'm hoping to have lost another 3 pounds minimum.

I think this weight loss could become addictive!

Good night x

Sunday, 5 October 2008

First Drop in meeting

Day 5 and i have lost . . . . . . 8 pounds!! Thats just over half a stone in 4 days!

Apparently it's stored water and a little bit of fat but its great news for me. Its really good to see some results.
I don't feel 8 pounds lighter though!

Today has been ok, ive kept myself busy with packing up the flat.

I went to the supermarket to buy paul some breakfast and it didn't bother me, i tried not to look at the shelves though!

Sunday is usually a day of complete rest, sitting on the sofa, huge lunch, tea and biscuits then cheese on toast but today has been so different. Ive had 2 shakes and a soup and will have another shake later.
I do miss cooking on a sunday though, maybe one week I will cook for Paul to see how i get on.

One thing i do keep noticing is the sainsburys adverts for their cream cheese. They show it being spread onto a warm delicious bagel which looks soooo nice! I would do anything for a bite! anyway, dont think about it!

So now im 8 pounds lighter, we are going to celebrate with a game of bingo tonight. Not been for years and it should be a laugh. Got to keep myself busy!

Until tomorrow x

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Day 4

It's a saturday and i missed my sausage sarnie this morning! Paul sneaked off to his mum's for his sausage fix, i was so jelous! My vanilla shake did not make me feel better.

Kept really busy today with packing up the flat but found at some moments that i was craving toast with cheese and salad cream, yum!

Breakfast: Vanilla shake, wished it was a sausage sarnie!
Lunch - strawberry shake
Dinner - vegetable soup
Snack - Raspberry shake

As i write this i feel a little hungry but im not sure if its boredom or if im phycically hungry.

I am carving a curry too as my sister had one yesterday and paul was going to get a butter chicken but decided against it. I would give my little finger for a chicken tikka masala.

I have felt ok today, a little tired this morning and a slight headache still but im sure this is the ketosis.

Im looking forward to my drop in tomorrow, i need a bit of a push and pat on the back.

Good night x

Friday, 3 October 2008

Day 3

Had a really good day today. I woke up feeling refreshed and in a far better mood than yesterday.

Breakfast - nothing. had a long meeting till 1
Lunch - Mushroom Soup
Snack - Strawberry milkshake - very nice
Dinner - Thai Soup
Snack - Chocolate pack made into a muffin

Ive had a slight headache all day today but its nothing too bad.

Im finding drinking water better and its starting to become more natural rather than forcing it down.

Cant wait to be able to eat the LL bars, i need to stop making the muffins as im sure it gets rid of all the vitamins. I just need to chew on something. I hate liquid diets!

Friday night for me is usually curry night and i must admit i do miss the whole process of ordering, eating and slopping on the sofa with paulie but now i find myself doing more housework to keep busy.

Anyway, im off now as got a big day packing up the flat tomorrow.

x x

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Day 2

Not a good day!

I woke up at 6am with hunger pangs and could not get back to sleep.
I found i was more thirsty this morning and couldnt wait to have a drink of water.

I have felt freezing today and just put it down to the weather, but i think its the carb withdrawl or something.

Im finding the programme ok, i like trying the different foodpacks but made a huge mistake with my breakfast one this morning!
I used a vanilla pack and made it hot with a spoonful of coffee and then i blended it and it went really thick and frothy, it was gross and was gagging trying to drink it. Not doing that again!

I know this stage is tough and i do keep thinking about the weight loss but it seems so far away at the moment.

Wish i could fast forward to 2 weeks time!

I had a food tasting at work today and had to sit and watch 2 people eat and talk about food. I didnt find it as hard as i imagined but i was craving a mouthful of the red wine as it smelt devine! The lamb looked good too :o(

When i got home i just felt like shit, tired and moody. We went to tesco to buy a blender and i did find it hard looking at all the food but it didn't make me hungry.

Today i had:

Breakfast: vanilla and coffee shake - URGH
Lunch: Veg Soup
Dinner: Chicken soup
Snack: Cholcolate muffin

I just made a 'chocolate muffin' and it really helped me to feel better. It didnt taste great but i really enjoyed biting into it.
I made it with 2 table spoons of boiling water into a bowl and added the chocolate mix. I mixed into a dough like mixture and then rolled it my hand and then flattened it on a plate. I microwaved it for 50 seconds and let it cool down. It was chewy and made me feel better.

Maybe if i hasnt have started the day with such a rank drink then i would have felt better today.

Who knows??

Good night from the moody bitch x

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

First Day of Lighter Life

Yes! I have got through the first day of the programme.

I woke up slightly before my alarm and felt slightly strange, knowing that I couldn't eat any food day. I just wanted to stay in bed all day and not face the reality that i wouldn't be eating for the next 100 days.

I got my usual black coffee from the coffee bar and noticed they had a new cake on the counter, typical, it was carrot cake, my fav!
So, i grabbed my coffee and metro paper and made it onto the train, leaving the carrot cake well behind!

On my way to work I bought some water, ready to drink.

Today I had the following:

Breakfast (9.45) - Banana Milkshake
Lunch (1pm) - Mushroom Soup
Snack (4pm) - Chocolate Milkshake
Dinner (8pm) - Thai Chilly Soup
Water (all darn day!) - 2.5L

2 x coffee's
1 x green tea
1 x Earl Grey tea

The banana milkshake was slightly powdery but managed to drink it quickly.

For the rest of the morning i filled up on water, i found this quite easy to start with but notuced very quickly that I was visiting the toilet very frequently!

For lunch I had the mushroom soup which was good. I started having it in a bowl with a spoon but found it quite watery so changed it into a mug. It felt like a cup a soup and i was worried it wouldn't fill me up.

At about 4pm i decided to make the chocolate shake as i was feeling a little hungry. I blended this with ice and it was lovely, defently saving the choc ones as a treat.

I found i didnt drink much water in the afternoon, about 1l. I was very bored of the taste.

I did have a slight headache this afternoon but putting that down to a cold thats brewing!

I did feel that at the end of my day, my mouth felt like it needed some flavour so for dinner I had the Thai Chili soup which was good, it gave me the flavour I needed.

Im glad ive made it through my first day but i dont feel its been the hardest challenge yet, i think thats still to come.

Over and out x