Friday, 2 January 2009

Week 13 - the start of something unlucky?

I did it, 13 weeks of abstinance - lost 4 stone and 2 pounds. I was sooo proud of myself and fitting into a size 16 and some of the items are loose!

Week 13 and now the Xmas break has started.

I have had a month off from work and moved into our new house so the first 3 weeks were good with decorating the house but when that finished i started to focus on Xmas - and food!

I ate xmas day, boxing day and everyday up until now - Friday 3rd Jan.

I have put on half a stone according to my scales and I feel really guilty and finding it hard to stop thinking about food. I just want to carry on eating. Has my previous 13 weeks of counceling not stuck in my brain?
My problem is I want to Binge eat! Eat until im blue in the face but i know its not a good idea.

Over the past 2 weeks i have had pizza, curry, roast dinners, sausage and egg breakfasts, bread, cake, cheese - you name it, i've had it! So im not surprised ive put on just over half a stone.

So today is the first day back on packs and its hard, very hard! I feel tired, hungry and moody.

I did it before so I can do it again, i just need to get back to work and get into routine again.

I want to lose another 2 stone so this should take about 6-8 weeks. My new years resolution is the following:

1. Go to 1 excersise class a week
2. Walk to and from the train station and dont get the bus
3. Swim at least once a week or go out on my bike once a week
4. Use new dumbells and skipping rope at home everynight for at least 10 mins.
5. Tone up
6. Learn to control binge's
7. Find a new hobby to do as the pub is no longer an option
8. Get hair done once i have lost 2 stone

So here it goes, 2009 here I come.

My ultimate goal - is to look good in a swimming costume on holiday in May.

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