Tuesday, 6 January 2009

1st week in developers

I cant beleive it, i lot 2 pounds over xmas! I'm over the moon as i was expecting to have put on.
Maybe i didnt pig out as much as i thought, looking back i didnt have any crisps and was wise with my alcohol choice.

What a result!

Im feeling really tired today and im on day 4 of development. Hopefully i will feel better tomorrow.

My goal is to lose 2 stone now so hopefully just got 6 weeks to go or less. Wooppeeeee.


Sunday, 4 January 2009

Im now three days in to being back on the packs and boy has it been tough.

Ive had mood swings (poor paul) and felt freezing! I also have had a slight headache but thats the carb withdrawl, probably from the Mac Donolds we had last thursday!
After eating that my skin became all itchy and my stomach went hard, its really not good stuff!

Im happy im back on the diet and im almost back into ketosis now (bought the sticks from the chemist). Im also 4 pounds lighter according to my scales, just have to see what the real results are in tomorrow's weigh in.

I'm now moving into developers and hopefully ive just got another 6 weeks to go - AND COUNTING!

I bought loads of slimming magazines and have kept all the heathy recepies to try out once im eating again.

Until tomorrow.. x

Friday, 2 January 2009

Week 13 - the start of something unlucky?

I did it, 13 weeks of abstinance - lost 4 stone and 2 pounds. I was sooo proud of myself and fitting into a size 16 and some of the items are loose!

Week 13 and now the Xmas break has started.

I have had a month off from work and moved into our new house so the first 3 weeks were good with decorating the house but when that finished i started to focus on Xmas - and food!

I ate xmas day, boxing day and everyday up until now - Friday 3rd Jan.

I have put on half a stone according to my scales and I feel really guilty and finding it hard to stop thinking about food. I just want to carry on eating. Has my previous 13 weeks of counceling not stuck in my brain?
My problem is I want to Binge eat! Eat until im blue in the face but i know its not a good idea.

Over the past 2 weeks i have had pizza, curry, roast dinners, sausage and egg breakfasts, bread, cake, cheese - you name it, i've had it! So im not surprised ive put on just over half a stone.

So today is the first day back on packs and its hard, very hard! I feel tired, hungry and moody.

I did it before so I can do it again, i just need to get back to work and get into routine again.

I want to lose another 2 stone so this should take about 6-8 weeks. My new years resolution is the following:

1. Go to 1 excersise class a week
2. Walk to and from the train station and dont get the bus
3. Swim at least once a week or go out on my bike once a week
4. Use new dumbells and skipping rope at home everynight for at least 10 mins.
5. Tone up
6. Learn to control binge's
7. Find a new hobby to do as the pub is no longer an option
8. Get hair done once i have lost 2 stone

So here it goes, 2009 here I come.

My ultimate goal - is to look good in a swimming costume on holiday in May.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Week 6

So far i have lost 2 stone and 1 pound which is great but still got a long way to go.

Not craving food so much now as i tend to steer clear from those situations.

Just got back from Egypt (work trip) and it was really hard out there as all there was to do in the evenings was to eat and drink so i found myself getting some early nights!

I feel great on the diet but get the occasional leg cramp due to the low levels of salt in my diet. Rather have cramp than be fat though!


Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Day 27

Hello and sorry for not writing in what seems like ages.

I'm currently in Egypt on business and its been a crazy few weeks.

So an update, i have now lost 1 stone and 9 pounds. Thats 5 pounds away from 2 stone!

I must admit that im not noticing it very much, the only signs i have is that my watch is very loose and my ring is too big. Im not noticing it in my jeans.
I do notice around my neck and thats about it.

Im finding it a little hard lately, especially being in egypt as i want to eat all the local delicious food and have a nice glass of wine.

I feel like cheating and have contantly been thinking about it but i know i wont as its really not worth it.

My taste buds have changed and i can no longer stomach the mushroom soup or the peanut bars. They are just gross!
I find im contstanly having the banana, strawberry and chocolate shakes and also a veg soup.

I am getting bored with them but i just keep thinking about xmas and how i may have lost 3 stone by then.

I will also allow myself a xmas dinner which is keeping me going.

Oh the price to pay for thin-ness is tough!


Sunday, 12 October 2008

Day 7-12

Woops, havent upated in a while. We moved out the flat this weekend and boy has it been busy! Not had a lay in and been up and down stairs, lifting heavy boxes and sucking up spiders with the hoover!

One good thing is that i would have hopfully done some light excersise!

Finding the diet a little hard now, i miss food so much. I keep getting cravings for curry and pizza. I also crave sausage sandwiches but only on the weekends!
I would give my left arm for a buttery sausage sandwich with heinz ketchup on white uncut bread....hungry? I'AM!!

Im not hungry as such but im hungry for eating something.

I am finding it hard but i have to keep level headed and focus on the end result!

Garlic bread - miss this big time.

When will these food thoughts stop? Mac Donolds - double cheeseburger! Maybe it makes me feel better but writing these thoughts down?! NOPE.

Looking forward to weigh in on Tuesday as i need some motavation.

Im coping well with the soups and shakes but find i dont drinks much water on the weekends as im always on the go. MUST KEEP DRINKING!

Anyhoot, gonna go now as my sis is watching a film and im sure this typing is annoying!

Until tomorrow...x

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

1st week weigh in

Woops, didn't manage to update yesterday as it was a busy day..

I lost another pound so that's 9 pounds in one week. Not bad.

Finding the diet ok and really enjoyed the counciling session. I feel like the programme has really begun.

I can eat a bar a day now which is nice, Its good to be able to chew!
I also bought some summer fruit water flavouring which is a god send! I was getting sick of the plain water!

Signing off now as im watching a good tv programme, catch up with you tomorrow x x