Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Day 27

Hello and sorry for not writing in what seems like ages.

I'm currently in Egypt on business and its been a crazy few weeks.

So an update, i have now lost 1 stone and 9 pounds. Thats 5 pounds away from 2 stone!

I must admit that im not noticing it very much, the only signs i have is that my watch is very loose and my ring is too big. Im not noticing it in my jeans.
I do notice around my neck and thats about it.

Im finding it a little hard lately, especially being in egypt as i want to eat all the local delicious food and have a nice glass of wine.

I feel like cheating and have contantly been thinking about it but i know i wont as its really not worth it.

My taste buds have changed and i can no longer stomach the mushroom soup or the peanut bars. They are just gross!
I find im contstanly having the banana, strawberry and chocolate shakes and also a veg soup.

I am getting bored with them but i just keep thinking about xmas and how i may have lost 3 stone by then.

I will also allow myself a xmas dinner which is keeping me going.

Oh the price to pay for thin-ness is tough!


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