Sunday, 12 October 2008

Day 7-12

Woops, havent upated in a while. We moved out the flat this weekend and boy has it been busy! Not had a lay in and been up and down stairs, lifting heavy boxes and sucking up spiders with the hoover!

One good thing is that i would have hopfully done some light excersise!

Finding the diet a little hard now, i miss food so much. I keep getting cravings for curry and pizza. I also crave sausage sandwiches but only on the weekends!
I would give my left arm for a buttery sausage sandwich with heinz ketchup on white uncut bread....hungry? I'AM!!

Im not hungry as such but im hungry for eating something.

I am finding it hard but i have to keep level headed and focus on the end result!

Garlic bread - miss this big time.

When will these food thoughts stop? Mac Donolds - double cheeseburger! Maybe it makes me feel better but writing these thoughts down?! NOPE.

Looking forward to weigh in on Tuesday as i need some motavation.

Im coping well with the soups and shakes but find i dont drinks much water on the weekends as im always on the go. MUST KEEP DRINKING!

Anyhoot, gonna go now as my sis is watching a film and im sure this typing is annoying!

Until tomorrow...x

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