Thursday, 2 October 2008

Day 2

Not a good day!

I woke up at 6am with hunger pangs and could not get back to sleep.
I found i was more thirsty this morning and couldnt wait to have a drink of water.

I have felt freezing today and just put it down to the weather, but i think its the carb withdrawl or something.

Im finding the programme ok, i like trying the different foodpacks but made a huge mistake with my breakfast one this morning!
I used a vanilla pack and made it hot with a spoonful of coffee and then i blended it and it went really thick and frothy, it was gross and was gagging trying to drink it. Not doing that again!

I know this stage is tough and i do keep thinking about the weight loss but it seems so far away at the moment.

Wish i could fast forward to 2 weeks time!

I had a food tasting at work today and had to sit and watch 2 people eat and talk about food. I didnt find it as hard as i imagined but i was craving a mouthful of the red wine as it smelt devine! The lamb looked good too :o(

When i got home i just felt like shit, tired and moody. We went to tesco to buy a blender and i did find it hard looking at all the food but it didn't make me hungry.

Today i had:

Breakfast: vanilla and coffee shake - URGH
Lunch: Veg Soup
Dinner: Chicken soup
Snack: Cholcolate muffin

I just made a 'chocolate muffin' and it really helped me to feel better. It didnt taste great but i really enjoyed biting into it.
I made it with 2 table spoons of boiling water into a bowl and added the chocolate mix. I mixed into a dough like mixture and then rolled it my hand and then flattened it on a plate. I microwaved it for 50 seconds and let it cool down. It was chewy and made me feel better.

Maybe if i hasnt have started the day with such a rank drink then i would have felt better today.

Who knows??

Good night from the moody bitch x

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