Monday, 6 October 2008

Day 6

Not a bad day today, it's been stressfully busy at work so my mind hasn't really had time to think about food.

Well,apart from at lunchtime. My collegue was cooking some soup and on the side were two bits of whote buttered bread. My mouth started watering and i found myself staring at the bread.
It looked so good.

I'm worried as im only on day 6, how am i going to cope with no food for another 94 days??
Im hoping the weight loss will spur me on further.

I keep having the strangest dreams too. The night before my pop in, i dreamt that i had eaten a mac donolds (chicken burger) and that i couldnt go to the weigh in as i wouldnt be in ketosis. I woke up and actually thought to myself 'did i eat a mac donolds'? WISHFUL THINKING SWEETHEART! It did take me a while to figure it out!

Last night i dreamt that i was climbing a really steep hill and had to grab onto rocks in order to get myself to the top - feels a lot like this diet! Or maybe it was a harsh reminder of the weekend trip to Bristol to see my friend shelley. She made us walk up the steepest hills just to see a bridge. It was fab though!
It was a weird dream but i think it goes to show that i'm struggling with the diet a little.

I really do miss food and i notice it everywhere. I dont feel hungry at all but i miss the textures and flavours the most.

Oh - It's only day 6!

Well onwards and upwards I say.

Day 7 tomorrow - Thats a whole week and another weight in. I'm hoping to have lost another 3 pounds minimum.

I think this weight loss could become addictive!

Good night x

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Shells! said...

I just wanted to say well done!!!!

Next time your in Bristol were go up that lovely hill again... or shall I say you may even be running up!! :)

Love lots x