Saturday, 4 October 2008

Day 4

It's a saturday and i missed my sausage sarnie this morning! Paul sneaked off to his mum's for his sausage fix, i was so jelous! My vanilla shake did not make me feel better.

Kept really busy today with packing up the flat but found at some moments that i was craving toast with cheese and salad cream, yum!

Breakfast: Vanilla shake, wished it was a sausage sarnie!
Lunch - strawberry shake
Dinner - vegetable soup
Snack - Raspberry shake

As i write this i feel a little hungry but im not sure if its boredom or if im phycically hungry.

I am carving a curry too as my sister had one yesterday and paul was going to get a butter chicken but decided against it. I would give my little finger for a chicken tikka masala.

I have felt ok today, a little tired this morning and a slight headache still but im sure this is the ketosis.

Im looking forward to my drop in tomorrow, i need a bit of a push and pat on the back.

Good night x

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