Wednesday, 1 October 2008

First Day of Lighter Life

Yes! I have got through the first day of the programme.

I woke up slightly before my alarm and felt slightly strange, knowing that I couldn't eat any food day. I just wanted to stay in bed all day and not face the reality that i wouldn't be eating for the next 100 days.

I got my usual black coffee from the coffee bar and noticed they had a new cake on the counter, typical, it was carrot cake, my fav!
So, i grabbed my coffee and metro paper and made it onto the train, leaving the carrot cake well behind!

On my way to work I bought some water, ready to drink.

Today I had the following:

Breakfast (9.45) - Banana Milkshake
Lunch (1pm) - Mushroom Soup
Snack (4pm) - Chocolate Milkshake
Dinner (8pm) - Thai Chilly Soup
Water (all darn day!) - 2.5L

2 x coffee's
1 x green tea
1 x Earl Grey tea

The banana milkshake was slightly powdery but managed to drink it quickly.

For the rest of the morning i filled up on water, i found this quite easy to start with but notuced very quickly that I was visiting the toilet very frequently!

For lunch I had the mushroom soup which was good. I started having it in a bowl with a spoon but found it quite watery so changed it into a mug. It felt like a cup a soup and i was worried it wouldn't fill me up.

At about 4pm i decided to make the chocolate shake as i was feeling a little hungry. I blended this with ice and it was lovely, defently saving the choc ones as a treat.

I found i didnt drink much water in the afternoon, about 1l. I was very bored of the taste.

I did have a slight headache this afternoon but putting that down to a cold thats brewing!

I did feel that at the end of my day, my mouth felt like it needed some flavour so for dinner I had the Thai Chili soup which was good, it gave me the flavour I needed.

Im glad ive made it through my first day but i dont feel its been the hardest challenge yet, i think thats still to come.

Over and out x

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