Sunday, 5 October 2008

First Drop in meeting

Day 5 and i have lost . . . . . . 8 pounds!! Thats just over half a stone in 4 days!

Apparently it's stored water and a little bit of fat but its great news for me. Its really good to see some results.
I don't feel 8 pounds lighter though!

Today has been ok, ive kept myself busy with packing up the flat.

I went to the supermarket to buy paul some breakfast and it didn't bother me, i tried not to look at the shelves though!

Sunday is usually a day of complete rest, sitting on the sofa, huge lunch, tea and biscuits then cheese on toast but today has been so different. Ive had 2 shakes and a soup and will have another shake later.
I do miss cooking on a sunday though, maybe one week I will cook for Paul to see how i get on.

One thing i do keep noticing is the sainsburys adverts for their cream cheese. They show it being spread onto a warm delicious bagel which looks soooo nice! I would do anything for a bite! anyway, dont think about it!

So now im 8 pounds lighter, we are going to celebrate with a game of bingo tonight. Not been for years and it should be a laugh. Got to keep myself busy!

Until tomorrow x

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