Friday, 3 October 2008

Day 3

Had a really good day today. I woke up feeling refreshed and in a far better mood than yesterday.

Breakfast - nothing. had a long meeting till 1
Lunch - Mushroom Soup
Snack - Strawberry milkshake - very nice
Dinner - Thai Soup
Snack - Chocolate pack made into a muffin

Ive had a slight headache all day today but its nothing too bad.

Im finding drinking water better and its starting to become more natural rather than forcing it down.

Cant wait to be able to eat the LL bars, i need to stop making the muffins as im sure it gets rid of all the vitamins. I just need to chew on something. I hate liquid diets!

Friday night for me is usually curry night and i must admit i do miss the whole process of ordering, eating and slopping on the sofa with paulie but now i find myself doing more housework to keep busy.

Anyway, im off now as got a big day packing up the flat tomorrow.

x x

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